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Nuclear Facility Security

High-risk facilities need a partner with the experience and capability to deliver comprehensive security solutions

As the security solutions pioneer for the high-level critical infrastructure industry, G4S has an outstanding reputation, strong historical commitment and unsurpassed expertise for our clients.

• G4S has partnered with more than 90 percent of U.S. nuclear facilities
• Our force-on-force prep has sites earning a 100 percent passing rate
• Our engineering team has performed design work for more than 80 percent of U.S. nuclear facilities
• Our technology has systems in more than 70 percent of U.S. nuclear facilities

Our clients enjoy our ‘turnkey’ security solutions. From design conception to final systems implementation, G4S delivers complete end-to-end security solutions for high-risk targets and facilities.

Finally, G4S is an industry innovator with proprietary security technology and systems solutions. Our industry-leading capabilities bring peace of mind to you and your stakeholders whether we are providing G4S patented technology, working with your legacy systems or integrating third-party software.

Industry Expertise
G4S provides a powerful combination of products and services for the highly sophisticated security environment within regulated and nuclear industries. The core of our success is our expertise in a full range of security solutions for your industry. 

  • Regulated Security & Tactical Training Group: We offer a broad range of solutions from consulting, security systems assessments, training programs, regulatory compliance audits, staffing analysis, defensive strategy evaluations, force on force preparation, drill controller certification, industrial safety programs, information management, firearms and tactical courses, and, of course, security force staffing and operations management
  • Nuclear Security Services: G4S specializes in compliance testing programs to assure that our customers’ security systems meet both real world threats as well as government regulations, including Vulnerability Assessments, Gap Analysis, Systems and Performance Testing, Design & Engineering Services, Technology Integration Services, and Maintenance and Support Services
  • Nuclear Security Products: We offer systems designed specifically for the nuclear security market, which include the NSMART system is a complete access control and alarm monitoring system, Advanced Video Sentry System (AVSS), Perifeld-M perimeter detection system, Video Capture System™ technology, RapCom rapidly deployable multiple camera surveillance system, and the Advanced Detection, Assessment and Neutralization System (ADANS)

The combined experience of our highly qualified experts, engineers and technical analysts is unmatched in critical infrastructure security. Our customized approach brings our clients unparalleled success in support of long-range decisions and security plans. Our vast industry knowledge helps you explore options and develop strategies to manage nuclear facility security investments and government requirements.

Where others see only challenges, we see opportunities to create complete solutions that deliver long-term benefits.

View the G4S Nuclear Security Services brochure to learn more about the high-level security systems, consulting, engineering and critical infrastructure testing solutions we offer.

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