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Providing safe, secure and effective treatment of offending and at-risk youth through evidence-based programming designed to address the specific needs of the child

Children who commit crimes present a major challenge to communities across the country. These communities must determine how to improve public safety and manage costs while delivering quality care and treatment to juvenile offenders and at-risk youth.

G4S Youth Services understands these challenges and believes the key to meeting them is by delivering evidence-based treatment designed to address the specific needs of the young offender through highly trained staff at an affordable cost:

  • We believe that juvenile justice programs should customize the treatment of each youth based on his or her specific needs and offenses
  • We believe that residential treatment, outpatient services, community-based programs and detention centers serve an important role in the rehabilitation of offending youth
  • We believe that governments can improve public safety, reduce costs and provide safe, secure and effective treatment of juvenile offenders by allowing G4S Youth Services to manage these programs
  • We value third-party validation that our practices and procedures are appropriate and effective in order to provide a comfort level to governments that outsource this sensitive and important service

We understand the challenges of working with young offenders and provide a scope of programs and services to meet the specific needs of the community and the youth in our care. G4S Youth Services has a proven record of accomplishment in helping government agencies take care of at-risk and offending juveniles:

  • We manage a wide range of programs, including residential treatment facilities, outpatient treatment programs and juvenile detention centers
  • Our evidence-based treatment services enable us to meet the specific needs of a young offender, including gender-specific girls programming, sex offender treatment, mental health treatment and substance abuse treatment, among others
  • We deliver effective educational services in our facilities that support all levels of learning ability, offering alternative education services and vocational programs
  • We assist states in implementing, monitoring and resolving issues that lead to the inappropriate placement of juveniles through our JJDPA compliance monitoring service in order to protect youth from the physical and psychological harm that can occur through exposure to adult inmates

G4S delivers benefits and services to the youth in our care, the government and the local community, including:

  • Quality of care — providing a safe, secure and accountable environment, youth can begin to address the issues that led to their offending behavior, and start their journey toward becoming productive members of society
  • Effective treatment — following proven, evidence-based treatment programs  designed to address specific needs and offending behaviors, helping reduce recidivism and delivering life skills that enable the youth in our care to overcome obstacles
  • High standards — meeting and exceeding the guidelines and standards set by the governments we serve and reputable industry associations
  • Saving tax dollars — delivering higher quality services at a lower cost than government agencies can self-deliver
  • Securing the future — delivering services to help every child in our care become a healthy and productive member of society

When G4S Youth Services manages the care of offending and at-risk youth, public safety improves, costs decline and youth in our care receive safe, secure and effective treatment.

Call, e-mail or write G4S Youth Services today  to discuss how our team can help you increase public safety, decrease public spending and improve the care of troubled youth.

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