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Critical Infrastructure Security

Securing critical infrastructure is essential for our society’s safety, prosperity and well-being

G4S understands that critical infrastructure is essential to our society and serves as the backbone of our nation's economy, security and well-being. From electricity, water, food, transportation, retail and communications systems, all of these rely on a coordinated effort to keep them safe.

With decades of combined experience, G4S’ highly qualified experts, engineers and technical analysts and security personnel have delivered complex and comprehensive integrated security solutions for critical infrastructure facilities that include:

  • Consulting Services that provide insight into facility security strengths and weaknesses, and provides management with the necessary information to make knowledgeable decisions
  • Security Personnel consistently ranked as the best in the security business who are specially selected and trained critical infrastructure security specialists 

Today's world has more risk than ever, and G4S has more ways to protect you.

For more information about G4S' comprehensive security solutions for critical infrastructure industries, call (855) 447-8721, or email us at

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