Securing Your World

Ports and Airports

Ensuring the safety of travelers and the efficiency of the international transport system

In the global economy, international trade and travel is reliant upon the security of our vast network of ports and airports.

At G4S, we know that the key to releasing wider benefits for our clients is to always look at the overall picture to consider solutions that transform performance.

G4S works with clients to understand the specific security issues they face. We design solutions to meet those issues, bringing together our expertise in logistics, technology, project management and managing the world’s biggest security personnel work force.

Our solutions and capabilities include:

  • Design and build automated video surveillance systems to improve security and enable facility operators to detect and monitor threats
  • Perimeter security enhancements that include lighting, thermal imaging cameras, CCTV and motion-detecting systems
  • Video analytics, wireless communications links and vessel traffic monitoring systems

We help our clients to not only safeguard people, facilities and reputations, but also to improve their end-user experience, reducing costly hold ups and providing superior customer service, delivering a stable, confident environment in which trade can flourish.

To learn more about the security products and services we offer to ports and airports, call us today at (800) 275-8305.

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