Securing Your World


Safe, reliable, convenient and economical public transportation is critical for the economy

For many transit agencies across the United States, G4S has developed customized solutions for protecting public transit systems, thus increasing ridership and reducing the financial burden from transit crime. From rail systems to bus operations, G4S works with clients to to improve the safety and security of passengers, employees, and the public with innovative customer-service focused programs that increase efficiencies, reassure riders and earn the public trust.

Across the United States, Custom Protection Officer® personnel patrol buses and trains, provide platform and station security, enforce system rules, patrol parking areas, assist riders, monitor fare collection, monitor hotline programs, provide investigative services and serve as our transit clients' Public Ambassadors.

These highly-trained, customer-focused security officers are equipped with the best technology to increase efficiency for clients. For example, our corporate and governmental clients constantly find new business applications for G4S' Secure TraxTM Security Management Software, including using it to monitor fare evasion on public transit systems, manage bus transportation programs, and manage safety and fire inspections.

G4S also has the proven experience with CFR 49 compliance, Threat Vulnerability Assessments, and the development of System Security Program Plans that meet the post 9/11 security concerns of forward-thinking transit agencies.

G4S' programs offer transit agencies cost-effective solutions to the need for quasi-law enforcement service. For our clients, our "bigger picture" approach brings enhanced security, reduced costs, increased revenue-generating opportunities and improved performance.

Recognize that secure and beneficial solutions come from looking at the whole challenge. Let us show you why choosing G4S results in successful public/private partnerships. Let us help you secure your world.

To learn more about the security products and services we offer to clients in the transit industry, call us today at (800) 275-8305.