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G4S Managers First with New Safety Certification

November 06 2012

G4S' Regulated Security Solutions Project Managers have completed the new Hazard Control Manager Certification

G4S Secure Solutions, the nation’s leading security company, announces today that all its Regulated Security Solutions (RSS) Division Project Managers have completed the new Hazard Control Manager Certification for Security Professionals (CHCM-SEC) by the International Board for Certification of Safety Managers (IBCSM).

Twenty-two RSS employees from Vice Presidents through to Project Managers now hold this highly respected certification.  Each of them meeting challenging academic standards and passing rigorous exams related to engineering, managerial safety procedures, applied sciences, legal and regulatory matters.

"G4S Regulated Security Solutions (RSS) has been a leading provider of security to the nuclear and critical infrastructure industry for more than four decades." said Tim Kendall, President, RSS. "Our continued commitment to exceeding our customers’ expectations and building expertise is underscored by this achievement."

Kendall noted that the G4S RSS managers who received the new security certification are among the first in the U.S and the world to hold the new designation.

Frank Knapfel, Regional Director for Safety & Health, G4S North America, who is also a
Masters Level, Certified Hazard Control Manager (CHCM) said, "The extent of this certification within our Regulated Security Division demonstrates the G4S commitment to learning and development, continuous improvement and most importantly to our customers. It supports our corporate focus on safety, which is an important factor in the successful delivery of our services."

Knapfel worked with the International Board for Certification of Safety Managers (IBCSM) in developing the requirements for the new CHCM-SEC certification.

The symbiotic relationship between safety and security is critically important for all regulated industries, and the new CHCM-SEC certification combines traditional hazard control concepts and principles along with a security management focus.

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