Corporate Risk Services

G4S offers 24/7 availability with thousands of investigators, risk advisers and protective agents strategically located throughout the United States and 136 countries

Business risks are an unavoidable reality, and we work with customers to create and implement integrated investigative and compliance strategies focused on reducing risk, increasing revenue and expanding profitability. We provide access to unparalleled industry knowledge backed by customized business models and extensive resources with the following corporate risk services:

  • Risk Consulting: Our consultants assess your security needs and risk exposure to help protect your physical assets, employees, customers and strategic business information
  • Corporate Investigations: Our experts establish the facts to protect your bottom line and brand integrity, evaluating each situation and gathering crucial evidence.
  • Executive Protection: Our teams work to minimize risk to executives, dignitaries, high-profile individuals and their families while maintaining daily routines.
  • Information Protection & Intellectual Property: Our services identify business risks and implement solutions to prevent losses and maintain the integrity of your information and intellectual property.
  • Active Shooter & Workplace Violence: Our proactive risk mitigation strategies can assist with individual program elements or the creation of entire programs from the ground up.
  • Supply Chain Security & Investigations: Our portfolio of risk management solutions helps organizations establish sound business practices to identify and mitigate the risks of multi-faceted supply chains

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