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Unparalleled industry knowledge, expert consulting and integrated technologies, backed by customized business models, extensive global investigative resources and outcomes

G4S takes pride in preserving your reputation in a marketplace where cost-effectiveness and bottom-line benefits dominate. From evaluation to design and delivery, we partner with clients to provide a wide range of fraud and investigation solutions, including:

  • Surveillance: We reveal a claimant's true activities to secure legally admissible, unbiased evidence so you can make confident, informed claim decisions.
  • Investigations: We establish the facts to determine cause, identify wrongdoing and curtail and recover losses.
  • Fraud & Compliance: We help you minimize risk, limit liability and avoid the costly consequences of regulatory compliance problems.
  • Fire: Our investigators cover every issue of a fire investigation to draw conclusions in accordance with NFPA 921.
  • Database: Our database solutions provide a 360-degree view of your subject.
  • Integrated Investigations Technologies: We align investigative claims system integration with business strategy, from real-time digital dashboards to quantifiable outcome reporting.

Let our experts help you secure your world with our investigations solutions. Call us at (800) 927-0456 or email us at

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