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Time is money. And our suite of cash management solutions will save you both.

In today’s hyper-competitive retail landscape, the only real certainty is that business challenges are only going to increase as the industry continues to rapidly evolve.

Reducing overhead costs and achieving operating efficiencies is always top-of-mind for retailers. At the same time, back-office activities can drain resources and take time away from core revenue-generating activities. Securing and optimizing the currency supply chain, while always a necessity, should take a backseat to providing customer service, building the brand and completing sales.

G4S has a solution. Our cash automation solutions, designed for the needs of retailers, are engineered to transform every aspect of currency management — scaled for the needs of your business.

Our solutions range from deposit-only services to full recycling solutions. G4S Retail Solutions provides the hardware and software, as well as qualified service and support. We help manage your armored carrier and cash orders, and provide provisional credit into your bank account. And all this with real-time oversight and reporting for you.


cash office processes, reducing time handling cash


resources to revenue-generating activities


the amount of trapped cash and cash on hand


freed-up cash into the business


greater visibility over the entire cash cycle

To find out how G4S Retail Solutions can help you optimize your cash management, please contact us today at or (561) 427-9974.

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