RISK360® Incident and Case Management

RISK360® is a web-based application that is accessible, configurable, and customized to solve problems in real time

When it comes to incident and case management reporting, many organizations suffer from:

  • Inconsistent incident capture
  • Incomplete or unactionable data
  • Failure to notify the right stakeholders at the right time
  • Lack of follow through on investigations
  • Disparate, incompatible systems

That's why we created RISK360®, a single, customizable tool that:

  • Is easily configured to meet your unique needs
  • Increases efficiency and productivity 
  • Assesses and mitigates risk
  • Promotes your standard operating procedures
  • Ensures timely, key-stakeholder notification
  • Aggregates security intelligence from myriad systems

Introducing RISK360®


RISK360® Features

Situational Awareness

RISK360® allows you to capture information from a smartphone, e-mail or by computer entry. It not only captures incidents, but also collects events such as temperature/pressure checks and tour activities such as parking, floor, door, gate and desk checks. Your team can see how each situation unfolds. Customized templates prompt you through specific questions to make sure your staffers collect critical information. Instant notifications allow the right people to know what happens, when it happens.

Person of Interest Database

RISK360® allows organizations to maintain a searchable database of persons, vehicles and property associated with any incident, enabling you to quickly identify repeat offenders or issue immediate BOLO (Be on the Lookout) notices to any pre-determined group.


RISK360® mobile smartphone application allows users to report events as they occur using voice-to-text. The ability to take and attach photos and submit incidents in real-time provides management the data needed to make informed decisions. The app is easy to configure and provides a myriad of reporting options.

Advanced Reporting

As patterns and trends are identified, customers can make fact-based decisions to reduce exposure. RISK360® supports a continuous improvement business model, identifying countermeasures and then analyzing and measuring the effectiveness of implemented changes.

Case Management

Vital information and support documents are just a click away. Resolve and track internal issues from inception to “case closed.” Retrieve video of a car accident, pictures of a slip and fall and information about suspicious visitors in one easy location. RISK360® provides a clear audit trail of all activities and supplemental documentation.


RISK360® helps companies manage compliance, whether it’s NERC CIP, Sarbanes-Oxley, OSHA, HIPAA or many others. The software provides proper documentation and audit reports so customers can be sure they are meeting industry-specific compliance requirements.

RISK360's easy reporting tool allows you to create reports to fit your needs. Dashboards can either be standard or customized by you to ensure each group receives the information in an easy-to-digest format. RISK360® provides real-time reporting to provide up-to-date information whenever you need it.