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Colorado Springs School District Fiber Optic Network

G4S Secure Integration completed a $2.86 million fiber optic project to all Colorado Springs school facilities

District 11 has 61 schools, all of which are working to serve students with individualized programs designed to meet their specific needs. Over 80% of these students go on to higher education, and graduating seniors receive more than $15M in scholarships.

G4S Secure Integration completed a $2.86M fiber optic infrastructure project to all 61 of these District schools and school facilities in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The District’s network deploys new, dedicated, fiber optic laterals, connected directly to the City of Colorado Springs fiber optic network. These connections provide the District with reliable, dedicated, high-capacity connections to all their facilities, while leveraging existing, city-owned backbone infrastructure.

The network provides enhanced educational services and equal educational access for students. Interaction in an efficient and cost-effective manner is now possible for students physically separated by location. Advanced services enabled by the network include distance learning, video conference capabilities, high-speed internet access, telephone voice services, and data services.

Download: Colorado Springs School District Fiber Optic Network (PDF 685kb)