Systems Integration

Iowa Communications Network

G4S connects the state with fiber-optic technology

The Iowa Communications Network (ICN) is the country’s premier fiber-optic network, committed to continued enhancement of distance learning and providing Iowans with convenient, equal access to education and government.

The Network makes it possible for Iowans, physically separated by location, to interact in an efficient, creative, and cost-effective manner. Through partnerships with education, medicine, the judicial system, government agencies, and the National Guard, the Network brings live, full-motion video to over 500 classrooms around Iowa, located in schools, National Guard armories, libraries, hospitals, and federal and state government offices.

G4S Secure Integration constructed a border to border high-speed fiber optic network for the state of Iowa. The statewide, state-owned network links all 99 counties in the state. The ICN transformed even the most remote rural schools, libraries, and hospitals into an electronic hub for distance learning, telemedicine, and electronic government. The infrastructure supports a full service communications network and serves as a technology platform for constantly expanding applications.

Users of the ICN include public and private schools, community colleges and technical schools, public and private universities and colleges, federal agencies, state agencies, public libraries, hospitals and medical clinics, and the U.S. Postal System.

Download: Iowa Communications Network (PDF 259kb)