Video Surveillance Services

G4S Video Surveillance System Heightens Security Along Waterway

G4S Secure Integration installed a waterside video surveillance system for the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department along the Sabine/Neches Rivers

The system effectively manages and monitors surveillance video at strategic locations along the waterway between Beaumont and Port Arthur, Texas. G4S Secure Integration engineered and installed a fully integrated wireless video surveillance network. The project included a network of cameras from remote locations along the Rivers, with video management from the United States Coast Guard Vessel Tracking Station and the Jefferson County Sheriff ’s Department.

G4S Secure Integration collaborated with Jefferson County and the United States Coast Guard in a unique public/private partnership. Together, they worked with organizations owning property along the Rivers to obtain cooperation for an effective installation and integration.

"Jefferson County is pleased to be working with G4S Secure Integration as our partner of choice on this very important security enhancement project," stated Chief Walter Billingsley of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department. “We believe this is an important step towards securing and protecting our community. G4S Secure Integration has the experience and the knowledge to deliver the dependable, forward-thinking security solutions we are looking for."

Download: G4S Video Surveillance System Heightens Security Along Waterway (PDF 443kb)