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Port of Mobile Security Upgrades

G4S Secure Integration designed, built and installed a video analytics-based intrusion detection system at the Alabama State Port Authority

Alabama State Port Authority’s Port of Mobile is the largest bulk forest products port in the United States. It is also home to the McDuffie Coal Terminal, the second largest coal terminal in the country. As the demand for export coal increases, McDuffie is constantly striving to make improvements that will keep them on top of the ever increasing demands.

G4S Secure Integration designed, built, and installed a video analytics based intrusion detection system at the Alabama State Port Authority for McDuffie Coal Terminal.

The system protects the Port of Mobile against intrusion or invasion and restricts personnel to designated areas. The security measures include video analytics for intrusion detection and vessel traffic monitoring, and a wireless communications link to the Port Police building, which allows officers to remotely monitor the facility and recognize threats from one central location. These features promote overall security and ensure continued safe and efficient operations. G4S Secure Integration also installed servers to backup security information.

Download: Alabama State Port Authority (PDF 453kb)