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Port of Tacoma Security Systems Integration

G4S Secure Integration was awarded a $2.3M contract from the Port of Tacoma to perform security systems integration services

The Port of Tacoma has become one of the most recognized, major container cargo ports in North America. In 2010, the Port handled 1.5 million containers, contributing to nearly $428 billion in international trade and about $3.5 billion in trade to Alaska. It is located on Commencement Bay, a natural deep-water harbor in South Puget Sound, and spans about 2,400 acres of land on the Tacoma Tideflats.

Port activities account for more than 43,000 jobs in Pierce County and 113,000 jobs in Washington state. Port activities contribute more than $90 million each year in state and local taxes. In a recent article with Security Magazine, Louis Cooper, the Port’s Senior Director of Security, Labor Relations and Operations reiterated the Port of Tacoma’s commitment to protecting the safety of people and facilities, and supports programs that protect the surrounding community.

Download: Port of Tacoma Security Systems Integration (PDF 689kb)