Securing Your World

Providing Security Solutions to Residential Communities

The popularity of gated communities is on the rise nationwide

In a nation still confronting post-9/11 jitters and crime fears,living behind gated walls is a welcome refuge for many. More than 7 million households — about 6% of the national total — are in developments behind walls and fences. About 4 million are in communities where access is controlled by gates, entry codes, key cards or security guards.

Providing residential communities with a professional and welcoming approach to safety and security, while still respecting privacy, the family home and neighborhood resources is a challenge. Many times, communities have multi-faceted needs layered with requirements, assets and personalities.

Community associations and management firms want a security company with a commitment to quality and value, with an understanding of neighborhood expectations and needs, operational requirements, and a proven track record of service.

At the same time, residents want the latest security technology, a 24/7 watch, monthly & annual reporting and a guard force that serves as an ambassador to visitors with concierge service to residents.

Download: Providing Security Solutions to Residential Communities (PDF 1.6mb)