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Security Management - December 1, 2016

Yale Opens Doors
To determine which access control technology was most appropriate for Yale, the university hired an outside consultant to evaluate proposals, says Dave Boyd, director of information technology for the public safety department.

... The AMAG solution appealed to Yale for several reasons, including the fact that installers would not have to rip out and replace existing hardware. Instead, Symmetry uses the university’s existing wiring infrastructure, allowing it to keep the door card readers installed around its 450 buildings. - December 2016

Mining for Big Data-Driven Business Decisions
Increasingly sophisticated electronic security solutions, particularly networked video surveillance and access control, are being developed as data collectors of the highest order. Find out how advanced analytics can render operatinoal intelligence to strengthen most any organization's management, efficiencies and, if applicable, profitability.

(Features commentary from Kurt Takahashi, Senior Vice-President of Sales, AMAG Technology)

Security Products - December 2016

Trends in Access Control: New technologies play huge role in growth of access control market
Editorial by Kurt Takahashi, Senior Vice-President of Sales, AMAG Technology.

The access control market is experiencing good growth. IHS Inc. and Freedonia Group have estimated the market is growing over 5 percent per year and has surpassed video in overall percentage of growth. ... Complexities beyond the door require access control companies to rethink the best means to solve business process challenges. - November 30, 2016

Round Table Discussion: How Can Integrators and End Users Stay Informed About the Changing Technology Landscape?
In a fast-moving market like physical security, sharing information is an essential component of growth. However, there often seems to be more information available than an integrator or end user could ever digest and put to use. How does one go about finding the information he or she needs in an environment that can seem to be drowning in information (sometimes the wrong information). We asked this week’s Expert Panel Roundtable to share their strategies and suggestions.

(Features commentary from Jody Ross, Vice-President, Strategic Accounts, AMAG Technology.)

SECURITY Magazine - December 1, 2016

Annual Guarding Report: Industry Faces a 'Watershed Moment'
Consolidation, technology, training and partnerships are among the watchwords for security officer firms and their clients as the calendar turns toward 2017. - November 15, 2016

Round Table Discussion: When Do Video Systems Yield Information Other Than Images?
A clear image is the desired end-result of video systems – or is it? In a growing number of applications, it’s not the image itself, but rather what information can be gained from the image, that is most important. We asked this week’s Expert Panel Roundtable to comment on some of the ways information from video is valuable to end users. Specifically, we asked: In what applications does information derived from video images provide more value than the images themselves?

(Jim Murray, Symmetry Video Product Manager, AMAG Technology is featured in the discussion.)

Training - November 11, 2016

Training Magazine Announces 2017 Training Top 125 Winners
Training magazine, the leading business publication for Learning and Development professionals, today announced the winners for the annual Training Top 125, which ranks companies’ excellence in employer-sponsored training and development programs.

(G4S Secure Solutions (USA) is once again a winner, for the 11th year in a row.)

Loss Prevention Magazine Insider - October 27, 2016

How the Right Retail Cash Management Solution Can Minimize the Costs of Cash
Editorial by John Van Slingerland, Vice-President of Business Development, G4S Retail Solutions

The reality is that cash (and in some situations, even paper checks) still remain popular payment choices for many consumers. ... Every retail organization that processes cash transactions is (or should be) looking at and piloting automated solutions that aim to reduce the risks, expenses and resource costs that come with managing currency. - October 19, 2016

Round Table Discussion: Who Should Be "In The Room" When Deciding To Buy Security Systems?
We in the physical security market tend to watch closely how the buying decision is made. If anything, the buying process has become more complex in recent years. We have seen the impact of security systems extending beyond the core security department, and with greater impact come more stakeholders. “Buying by committee” is more the rule than the exception, and the committee is getting rather large in some situations.

(Features commentary from Jody Ross, Vice-President of Strategic Accounts, AMAG Technology.)

a&s International - September 29, 2016

What to remember when combining physical and logical access control
Increasing security concerns and advancements in technology have forced access control companies to come up with innovative solutions. One such measure has been the combination of physical and logical access control systems. According to industry experts this offers one of the most efficient entry management systems.

(Features commentary from Kurt Takahashi, Senior Vice-President of Sales, AMAG Technology.)

a&s International - September 26, 2016

Women in security
A look at any of the major security shows will reveal that there is a pretty big imbalance of women to men in the security industry. This gap, however, is changing, but slowly.

(Jody Ross, Vice-President of Strategic Accounts, AMAG Technology, is featured.)

Physical Security Systems Enable Compliance To HIPAA And Other Privacy Laws
Physical security systems can play a big role in helping to keep patient information safe and private, as required by various laws. For example, AMAG has developed new capabilities within its Symmetry family of products that allow healthcare institutes to demonstrate their compliance with HIPAA. Compliance reporting is a key area and has been a focus for AMAG, says Dave Ella, Vice President of Product Marketing, AMAG Technology.

SDM - September 1, 2016

Solving Enterprise Pain Points
From intelligence to cybersecurity, cost to operational efficiency, convenience to compatibility, enterprise customers are increasingly asking their trusted security integrator advisors for solutions. Here are seven of the most common issues integrators are being asked to address.

(Features commentary from Stuart Tucker, Senior Director of Enterprise Solutions, and Kurt Takahashi, Senior Vice-President of Sales, of AMAG Technology.)

The Daily News Online - Aug 12, 2016

Port awards nearly $1 million annual security contract
A new private security firm will soon take over security services at the Port of Longview. Commissioners this week awarded a five-year contract to Florida-based G4S. The contract will cost nearly $1 million a year, based on security officers’ hours.

Security Sales & Integration - August 2016

How Blank Rome's Access Empire Was Built
One of the most anxiety-inducing aspects of electronic security for integrators and end users alike is when a proprietary legacy device or system is no longer supported. ... Symmetry offered an easy and affordable upgrade path that would permit Blank Rome to hold onto its existing hardware -- saving thousands of dollars -- and result in state-of-the-art access control that could expand as the company grew.

Access Control Technologies Manage Emergency Hospital Lockdowns
Hospitals and healthcare institutions increasingly face a reality of workplace violence, attacks on patients, and threats to doctors and other support staff. When these types of conflicts arise, there is an urgent need to lock the facility down quickly. Security professionals and their teams need access control options that allow lockdowns to occur at the touch of a button. For example, Henry County Health Center in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, installed Threat Level Manager, a feature of AMAG's Symmetry access control system, to provide a lockdown capability in the event of an emergency.

SIA Update - August 5, 2016

SIA RISE Profile: Philip Young of G4S Secure Integration
Philip Young of G4S Secure Integration is interviewed by the Security Industry Association (SIA) as a young professional on the RISE!

SECURITY Magazine - August 1, 2016

Retrofit Fits the Bill for Outdated Security Technology
The University of Nevada Reno, which faced a migration challenge, was able to save money on wiring, panels and readers when upgrading from legacy to a more powerful, user more-friendly access system from Amag Technology. The university runs its security through two different departments (housing and main campus). With the retrofit, “we were able to operate independently, yet use one database,” says Chas Stricker, residential life, housing and food services at UN Reno. - August 1, 2016

Meeting the TWIC Mandate
The Greater Lafourche Port Commission, located on the Gulf Coast in Louisiana, facilitates the economic growth of the communities in which it operates by maximizing the flow of trade and commerce. After applying for and receiving a grant, Port Fourchon enlisted the help of Transportation Technology Associates, a technology design, engineering and consulting firm, to assist with the upgrade of its existing AMAG Technology, Symmetry Security System to the Symmetry Homeland Security Edition (HSE) software with Morpho biometric readers. Symmetry Homeland provides powerful integrated access control and security solutions for users, meeting federal standards such as TWIC.

EconoTimes - July 21, 2016

Criminals using 3D printing present growing threat to global shipping
Criminal gangs are making use of cheaper and more accessible 3D printing technology to present a growing threat to shipping across the world. Now G4S has issued a series of alerts to the shipping industry offering advice how to combat the growing threat. "We want to ensure that people are alert to this emerging threat and watching for it," said Robert Dodge, Senior Vice President, G4S Corporate Risk Services.

Retail TouchPoints - July 19, 2016

CASH360 Designed to Reduce Cash Handling and Management Costs
Bank of America Merrill Lynch has partnered with integrated security services provider G4S to deliver the CASH360 cash management solution. - July 14, 2016

Access Control: Fulfilling FICAM
Written by Derek Greenland, Application Engineer, Government Systems, for AMAG Technology, this article discusses six challenges integrators must overcome to sell and deploy a FICAM (Federal Identity, Credential, and Access Management standards) solution.

a&s International - July 12, 2016

How visitor management systems create value to enterprises
More and more, registration can be further streamlined through a pre-registration process. This is especially beneficial when a host is expecting a large group of visitors, as they don’t have to register one by one. “We've incorporated a function within Outlook and Google Calendar. The moment you schedule a meeting through Outlook and Google Calendar, it will immediately pre-register everybody on your invitee list, trying to eliminate that extra step that employees have to take to register their visitors,” said Kurt Takahashi, SVP of Sales at AMAG Technology.

Challenges And Opportunities In Analog-To-IP Video System Transition In Healthcare Facilities
Other manufacturers see analog in the healthcare vertical as largely a thing of the past. Camera technology has advanced so far and so fast that the analog or IP debate is really a thing of the past, says Dave Ella, AMAG Technology’s Vice President of Product Marketing. “The question now is how quickly budgets will allow for the transition to newer technology,” Ella says.

a&s International - May 24, 2016

How integrator's role evolves in access control-IoT convergence
"Facilities security and IT ... each one does their own thing. So it's up to the organization to make a conscious decision to streamline across those practices," said Kurt Takahashi, SVP of Sales at AMAG Technology.

Innovative Retail Technologies - May 9, 2016

20 Years of Innovation: Cash Handling in the Retail Industry
Guest Column co-written by John Van Slingerland, Vice-President of Business Development, G4S Retail Solutions

According to a research paper published by the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, ... the bank counted two billion transactions at a chain of discount stores from April 2010 through March 2013. Notably, cash was the most popular method of payment by a wide margin. They concluded that cash was so prevalent in “small-dollar transactions” due to its convenience and speed. The fact is, no matter how advanced smartphone computing becomes, currency is, and will likely remain for the foreseeable future, the most secure, flexible and efficient method for the smaller retail transactions.

Security magazine - April 29, 2016

Access Control is Only the Beginning for Multi-Function Cards
An innovative campus ID system opens the door to a wide range of services going way beyond traditional security. Access control as art? A San Francisco-based university dedicated to art, design and creativity has fashioned an innovative access control program that opens the door to a wide range of services going way beyond traditional security.

Greg Berg of G4S Secure Integration is sourced in this story. - April 11, 2016

AMAG Focuses On "Operationalizing" Security Technology And Good Customer Outcomes
To Re-Invent Themselves Beyond Access Control

It seems every company is seeking to re-invent itself in our changing market. A case in point is AMAG, which has long been associated with access control. Today, AMAG’s proposition to the market is much broader than that, now also encompassing Symmetry CONNECT, a policy-based platform providing safety, security and risk management capabilities enabling organizations to manage their enterprise security functions. This spring, AMAG is introducing Symmetry GUEST, a new identity management system. They also have Symmetry CompleteView, a closely integrated video management component (OEM’d from Salient Systems). All this in addition to the core Symmetry Access Control product.

Security Today - April 2016

Protecting Client Assets
TelX helps companies build more agile businesses faster with reduced infrastructure complexity and broader reach to new markets. Founded in 2000, TelX built the largest carrier-neutral, physical layer interconnection data center in New York City. Through acquisitions and facility expansions, TelX built a national portfolio of interconnection and collocation data centers. Digital Realty Trust acquired TelX in 2015.

As the company grew over the 14 years, each data center facility operated independently, resulting in different landlord and lease arrangements. Disparate video systems were installed at the nine different locations. The one consistency was the installation of AMAG Technology’s Symmetry Enterprise access control system.

Security magazine - April 1, 2016

The Daily Challenges of Supply Chain Security
Every day, there is a different challenge when it comes to supply chain security. With emphasis on the supply chain, numerous people, companies, regulations and nations are likely involved. Sometimes the challenges center on trusting others along the chain; sometimes it is all about cybersecurity; other times, it is more a matter of cargo theft.

Security magazine quotes Bruce Wimmer, Senior Director of Corporate Risk Services at G4S Compliance & Investigations, globalization's impact on supply chain security and technology solutions. - March 30, 2016

ISC West 2016 To Center Around Big Data, IoT, Social Media, and Integration
With ISC West on the immediate horizon, asked several industry players what they expect new and different at the industry’s big show. The answers included buzz-worthy topics from Big Data to the Internet of Things, but also mention of a perennial industry theme – integration.

Kurt Takahashi, Senior VP of Sales at AMAG Technology, chimes in on cybersecurity, biometrics and mobile credentialing.

The Buffalo News - March 29, 2016

Buffalo Common Council Approves G4S Armed Security Guards for City Hall
Efforts to increase City Hall safety continued Tuesday when the Common Council approved the Brown administration’s plan to bring armed security guards into the building. The 8-1 vote authorized negotiations on a contract with G4S Security Services at an annual cost of up to $650,000.

When the contract is approved, the security firm will provide armed guards at basement and first-floor entrances to City Hall whose responsibilities are expected to include operating metal detectors and monitoring additional security cameras that the administration wants to purchase and install.

Citizen-Times - March 22, 2016

Answer Man
Biltmore Park employs G4S, "a global organization which secures people, property and assets by understanding and mitigating security risk," according to Jack Cecil, president of Biltmore Farms, the development company. They also work around the clock, 365 days a year.

SecurityInfoWatch - March 18, 2016

End user pressure changes value proposition for security industry
Veteran technology executives like Matt Barnette, who is currently the president of G4S Technology’s Global Products Division AMAG Technology, Inc., sees the paradigm shift in security as a positive for both the manufacturer and most importantly, the end user.

Security Products magazine  - March 2016

Helping Security Directors Sleep at Night
Kim Rahfaldt, Public Relations Manager at AMAG Technology, provides insight and best practices security directors should consider when addressing access control policies and procedures.

Security magazine  - March 1, 2016

RFID: The 'Almost Everything' Tool
RFID seems to be able to do everything, including access control, ID management and asset protection. What do the lowly ant, a Denver Broncos wide receiver, a pallet of clock radios and a graphic designer coming late for work at her advertising agency all have in common? Radio frequency identification technology, that’s what.

Bill Hapner, Regional Sales Manager at G4S Secure Integration is quoted in this story.

WPTV 9, Orlando, Florida - Feb. 22, 2016

G4S Security Officers to Patrol Orange County, Florida, Neighborhoods
Armed private security guards have started patrolling Azalea Park neighborhoods in Orange County to augment the Orange County Sheriff’s Office’s efforts. More armed guards will begin patrolling Holden Heights Tuesday, according to officials. The sheriff’s office said they’re placing G4S security officers in the areas, because residents have worked hard to eradicate crime. Azalea Park has many senior citizens living on their own, and some believe the visibility of security officers will discourage crime. - Feb. 16, 2016

Training Magazine Ranks 2016 Training Top 125 Organizations
Training magazine recognized the 2016 Training Top 125 winners with crystal awards and revealed their rankings at the This Magic Moment Gala held at the Training 2016 Conference & Expo at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, Florida. In its 16th year, the Training Top 125 is the only report that ranks companies unsurpassed in harnessing human capital. G4S Secure Solutions (USA) was recognized in the Top 125 ranking, making it the 10th consecutive year on the list for the security company. - February 2016

G4S Secure Solutions (USA) Presented with Two 2016 Leadership Excellence Awards 
G4S Secure Solutions (USA) received awards for Innovation in Deployment of Leadership Programs for its Security Officer Reward and Recognition Program and a Top Corporate Leader Award for Carmen Murrell Randall, Director of the G4S North America Training Institute.

Chain Store Age - January 28, 2016

Tech Guest Viewpoint: Cash Recyclers are a Game-Changer
Cash recycler setups will include a “smart safe” device -- with added functionality that that allows retailers to deposit coins as well as notes. Retailers can make withdrawals for change (notes and coins) and the device actually “recycles” the lower-value bills and coins, which drastically reduces the need for change orders. By automatically validating the currency and transmitting the value to the retailers’ bank account - before the cash has been physically moved – the cash recycler solution eliminate the traditional labor-intensive processing.

SecurityInfoWatch - Jan. 13, 2016

AMAG Symmetry GUEST Visitor Management 
Symmetry GUEST operates on any tablet, smart phone or PC using any web browser. The mobility of GUEST is ideal for roving lobby ambassadors or self-service touch-screens to check-in visitors, contractors or visiting employees. The system issues a visitor pass electronically to the visitor’s smart phone via a QR code or barcode, similar to an airline boarding pass.

SecurityInfoWatch - Jan. 7, 2016

Bosch Certifies Digital Recording Solutions with AMAG's Symmetry Access Control 
Campus procurement and security/public safety departments should work together to craft an RFP that will filter out less-qualified security service contractors while attracting the right companies.

Chain Store Age - December 8, 2015

Sorry, mobile: Cash is still king in retail
One of the more exciting developments in cash handling is the increased adoption rate among retailers of cash recycler solutions. The trend has garnered a lot of attention from industry participants over the past year. Cash recycler solutions include a “smart safe” device that allows retailers to deposit coins as well as notes and make withdrawals for change (notes and coins). It also recycles the smaller bills and coins, thereby reducing the need for change orders.

STORES Magazine - November 17, 2015

Duty-free retailer implements innovative cash management system
“One of our field controllers had heard of the Cash360 solution and we approached the bank for more information, and decided to pilot the solution,” says [Juliet] Wright-Green [treasurer and risk manager for World Duty Free Group North America]. The pilot ran in three locations and saw positive results: the elimination of errors, better cash management, faster funds availability and less opportunity for theft and robbery.

(Features commentary from John Van Slingerland, Vice-President of Business Development, G4S Retail Solutions.)

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