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March 19 2014

One critical component of access control and identification that is routinely overlooked is the use of people

By Ben Scaglione
Director, Healthcare Security Services

In today's technological world, the focus of access control and identification are mainly electronic — utilizing identification cards, biometrics, numeric keypads and passwords. One critical component of access control and identification that is routinely overlooked is the use of people.

Recently, my new employer reminded me of the role people play in securing facilities, places and entities. From screening persons entering a building to sitting and watching an x-ray machine or TV monitor, the role that people play in controlling access and authenticating identities is enormous, and so very important.

This was evident when, recently, a security officer working in a south Florida courthouse identified what she thought was a gun through an X-ray machine and began to question the situation. The individual carrying the bag with the gun wasn't able to provide any identification, so a deputy was asked to respond.

At that same time a second security officer cleared the lobby area of all people. Two deputies checked the individual's bag and found a loaded .40-caliber Smith & Wesson handgun, an additional loaded magazine and six boxes of ammunition.

The task of providing personnel to control access and check identification is monumental, and it presents various challenges.  Access control work can be very stressful and at times be monotonous for the people that conduct the screening. It takes a special type of person to become and work successfully as a screener, something that is not always considered when hiring a person to screen persons or packages.

Download: The Human Factor in Access Control and Identification (PDF 882kb)

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