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G4S Corporate Espionage White Paper

August 11 2014

G4S White Paper on 21st century corporate espionage threats

The 21st Century is often referred to as the Age of Information; the developing global marketplace has contributed to the entrance of new cultures and economies into the competitive worldwide economy. 

Individuals, companies and countries have been enabled to compete worldwide on an equalized playing field with traditional western powers even from some of the most remote parts of the world due to globally available infrastructure and the development of global telecommunication/computing capabilities.

In correlation to the rise of global infrastructure, Corporate/State Sponsored Espionage cases in the media have also risen.

Each year, an estimates $300 billion in losses are attributed to corporate espionage. These losses are comparable to all of the annual U.S. exports to Asia.

Download: G4S Corporate Espionage White Paper (PDF 523kb)

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