Iran: The Peace Dividend

August 04 2015

The latest G4S Consulting white paper looks forward following the agreement on the development of nuclear energy between Iran and world powers


The accord has both been hailed as the crowning achievement of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy agenda and condemned as the reckless appeasement of a regime that exports terrorism abroad. Opposed by Iran’s enemies, the deal will boost the Iranian economy and permit it access to civilian nuclear energy, which may encourage it to further project its power into the region's proxy wars.

Supporters of the deal have acclaimed it as the least bad option available, with the only alternatives being variations on a devastating war or the eventual production of an Iranian nuclear weapon. By empowering the relative moderates in the Iranian government, supporters say the deal will set Iran on a long-term course to reverse its pariah status and return to the international community. What all agree is that the deal will open the floodgates for foreign investment into Iran, which sanctions had otherwise turned into one of the few remaining upper-middle-income countries cut-off from the global economy.

Download: Iran: The Peace Dividend (PDF 407kb)

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