Security Implications of Turkish Airstrikes Against IS and PKK

August 24 2015

This G4S Consulting white paper looks at the domestic and regional repercussions of Turkey's active participation in the coalition against Islamic State


Following multiple attacks on Turkish soil since July 20, the Turkish government has authorized the United States to use its military base in Incirlik, Adana province, to conduct airstrikes against Islamic State (IS). Meanwhile, Turkey has also launched its own airstrikes, targeting both IS and Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK) fighters in Syria, south-eastern Turkey and northern Iraq.

Turkey’s active entry into the anti-IS coalition raises the threat of domestic terrorism while also altering the dynamics of the Syria conflict. Ankara’s main aim remains the removal of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad rather than the destruction of IS, hinting that Turkey will use the coalition as a means to extend its own domestic interests, including tempering the rise of the Kurds.

Download: Security Implications of Turkish Airstrikes Against IS and PKK (PDF 298kb)

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