G4S Risk Consulting Aviation Security Review

November 02 2015

This report examines challenges within the aviation sector


UAVs are an increasingly significant feature of aviation, now being used by a multitude of industries. Commonly known as “drones”, UAVs are aerial systems that can be remotely controlled for short and long range military purposes through to civil use by media and hobbyists. Hundreds of thousands of UAVs are currently in use across the world. The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) says it expects some one million UAVs to be sold during the upcoming holiday season alone.

The military use of UAVs is well documented, with the US Department of Defence possessing some 7,000 drones, including hundreds of Reaper and Predator models used by the US Air Force and CIA for operations in hostile environments, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya and Somalia. Indeed, the Fiscal Year 2016 budget allocates more than USD 1.1 billion for the purchasing, development and upgrading of UAV systems, excluding classified research. Nevertheless, the technological development of small UAVs and the open sharing of tactics and techniques online will expand the potential for hostile uses.

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