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  • healthcare security

    Hospital Security Lapses Turn Spotlight on Officer Training

    March 19 2014

    Tragic incidents exemplify the need for professional healthcare security.

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  • healthcare security

    The Changing Face of Hospital Security

    June 6 2013

    This paper discusses the impact from new diseases, budget cuts, violence, and natural disasters.

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  • Campus security expert

    Managing an Effective Campus Safety Escort Program

    May 29 2013

    Managing this service effectively can yield benefits to the public safety department and campus.

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  • CFATS personnel surety

    Proposed Personnel Surety Program Six Years in the Making

    April 16 2013

    DHS is finally proposing a methodology to help CFATS-regulated facilities comply with RBPS #12.

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  • CFATS Pre-Authorization and Authorization Inspections

    The G4S CFATS Update

    April 12 2011

    Lessons learned from Pre-Authorization and Authorization Inspections

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