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Combining Campus Security Personnel and Technology

G4S integrates campus security personnel with exclusive software and technology

Secure Trax®
G4S has revolutionized and expanded the technology horizon for security officers with SecureTrax®. The fusion of G4S officers with SecureTrax® provides you with the highest level of performance available today. SecureTrax® offers incident capture and notification, GPS plotting, guard tour documentation, time and attendance and safety and facility inspections. SecureTrax® lets officers capture and record incident information and send notifications to appropriate staff, all in real time.

Using the SecureTrax® customizable safety and facility inspection modules, officers can record inspection activity, safety surveys, behavior-based surveys, facilities checks and more.Only SecureTrax® connects G4S security officers with your command center—your customized secure business intelligence portal and/or

Remote Guarding
When higher education campuses need extra eyes on parking lots, secure entrances and assets, G4SVideo Monitoring Center provides unmatched capabilities. Remote Guarding can provide a 24/7 pro-active approach to security and safety with video tours, video chaperoning, two-way voice communication and the detection of threats through the use of video analytics.These powerful tools can improve security, leverage technology investments and reduce costs.

Customer Portal
G4S moves beyond traditional static reporting methods to provide customers with a powerful business intelligence application to meet a variety of needs through a secure customized portal. The website provides transparent billing, activity reporting, KPI measurements, current and historic GPS tracking of all security officers and security post confirmations with scheduled check-in and check-out times versus actual data.

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