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Hospital Security Personnel and Technology Integration

The integration of G4S officers with powerful G4S technology provides quality and value for your public safety and security programs

All G4S officers are equipped with G4S Secure Trax® technology, an exclusive performance and compliance tool developed to run on mobile devices.

Secure Trax®
G4S has revolutionized and expanded the technology horizon for security officers with Secure Trax®. The fusion of G4S officers with Secure Trax provides you with the highest level of performance available today. Secure Trax® offers incident capture and notification, GPS plotting, guard tour documentation, time & attendance and safety & facility inspections. Secure Trax® lets officers capture and record incident information and send notifications to appropriate staff, all in real time.

Using the Secure Trax® customizable safety and facility inspection modules, officers can record inspection activity, safety surveys, behavior-based surveys, facilities checks and more. Only Secure Trax® connects G4S security officers with your customized secure business intelligence portal and/or RISK360™.

RISK360™ is a highly customizable incident and case management software designed to manage risk, improve business performance, maintain regulatory compliance and reduce costs. RISK360™ captures incident information; provides notifications, incident review and case management; highlights emerging trend analyses and measures improvement outcomes allowing healthcare facilities to optimize their safety and security operations. RISK360™ helps hospitals provide a secure environment for patients, visitors and staff.

Remote Guarding
When healthcare facilities and hospitals need extra eyes on parking lots, secure entrances and assets, G4S Video Monitoring Center provides unmatched capabilities. Remote Guarding can provide a 24/7 pro-active approach to security and safety with video tours, video chaperoning, two-way voice communication and the detection of threats through the use of video analytics. These powerful tools can improve security, leverage technology investments and reduce costs.

OneFacility is a comprehensive suite of technologies with components for access control, video security systems and software for facilities management & administration.

OneFacility offers software from a single intelligent source to help you with:

  • Visitor management
  • Fire, life and safety compliance records
  • Work Orders
  • Access control logs 

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