Corporate Safety

Safety Programs

Promoting safe working environments that focus on regulatory compliance, protecting employees, clients and assets

Accidents and injuries are preventable, and we understand the importance of safe working environments. Our distinguished safety program — managed by a full-time safety director — ensures that basic safety behaviors are incorporated into the day-to-day operations of all employees while helping clients mitigate risk and minimize liability.

The G4S safety program includes:

  • On-Site Safety Audits and Job Hazard Analysis
  • Accident Investigations
  • Behavior-Based Safety Training
  • Defensive Driving Education
  • Employee Safety Handbook and Test
  • Employee and Management Incentive Programs
  • Monthly Safety Committee Meetings and newsletter

As the leader in the security industry, we provide safety and security solutions to businesses across multiple industries and sectors — from energy & chemical, hospitals and higher education to residential, banking and transit. Our customer-specific, custom-built security solutions offer unique combinations of personnel, project management, risk management, and technology solutions that focus on people, property, products and reputation.

Our client-focused safety programs:

  1. Comply with regulatory and account-specific health and safety strategies
  2. Monitor account-specific Key-Performance Indicators (KPIs) and provide detailed reports (that include follow-up actions) on any work-related fatalities or serious incidents
  3. Require a formal, quarterly review of account-specific health, safety performance and strategy
  4. Maintain proactive health and safety communication and consultation with employees
  5. Ensure ongoing health and safety training for all personnel that include general and account-specific topics

In addition to pre-assignment safety training, all personnel receive site-specific training based on client-specific work environment. What's more, G4S' safety culture is built upon the foundation of management involvement, employee participation and ongoing safety awareness.

Workplace safety is a constant challenge for security professionals in any industry. G4S can show you the beneficial solutions that can be uncovered by understanding these unique challenges.

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