Securing Your World


G4S traces its roots to its 1901 founding in Denmark

1901 — 1950

Marius Hogrefe starts the guarding company Kjøbenhavn Frederiksberg Nattevagt. The company’s first 50 years include national growth in Denmark’s guarding sector with moves into independent fire and rescue services and into international markets.


1951 — 1989

Between 1951 and 1989, the company continues its European growth with the emergence of Securicor and Group 4 and a partnership with British Telecom.


Group 4 Securitas enters the U.S. market by purchasing American Magnetics Corp., which rebrands as AMAG Technology in 2001.


Group 4 Falck purchases The Wackenhut Corporation. Founded in Florida in 1954, The Wackenhut Corporation was the second-largest security services company in the United States at the time.


Group 4 Falck merges with Securicor to establish Group 4 Securicor and in 2006, the G4S brand identity rolls out worldwide.


G4S acquires Touchcom, Inc., a developer of web-based electronic security systems and facility management software. Touchcom would become part of G4S Technology.

G4S acquires MJM Investigations, Inc., a market leader in insurance fraud and claims services. MJM Investigations later rebrands as G4S Compliance & Investigations.

G4S acquires RONCO Consulting Corporation, a commercial mine action, ordnance disposal and security company.


G4S acquires Adesta, a U.S.-based provider of integrated security systems and communication systems. (Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, Adesta was founded in 1988 as Kiewit Network Technologies by Peter Kiewit Sons', Inc. In 1992, the company became MFS Network Technologies and changed its name to Adesta in 2002.)

G4S acquires Sunshine Youth Services, a full-service, juvenile justice company operating residential treatment programs. Sunshine Youth Services becomes G4S Youth Services.



The Wackenhut Corporation rebrands to become G4S Secure Solutions (USA) Inc.

G4S acquires Western Investigations Pty Limited Australia, enhancing the global offerings of G4S Compliance & Investigations.

G4S acquires Nuclear Security Services Company (NSSC), which now sits within G4S Secure Integration. 


G4S acquires The Cotswold Group, a surveillance, fraud analytics, intelligence and investigations company and merged it with G4S Compliance & Investigations.

Adesta rebrands as G4S Technology, LLC.


G4S Technology rebrands as G4S Secure Integration to better reflect the capabilities and functions it performs.

With more than 50,000 employees across the United States, G4S is a leading provider of security solutions and one of the world’s largest employers.