Securing Your World

Securing our Environment

We are committed to responsibly managing and minimizing the direct and indirect impacts our business activities have on the environment

Climate change presents a risk to people and infrastructure across the globe. As an organization that specializes in managing risk, we recognize that the threat of climate change is an important and growing concern for our group, our customers and communities.

Being an energy efficient business is part of being an economically sustainable business. By using our resources efficiently, we can reduce our own operating costs and provide competitive differentiation in markets where environmental sustainability is a key concern.

At G4S, we endeavor to be industry leaders in measuring, reporting and reducing the intensity of our greenhouse gas emissions. We are setting ourselves a challenging target for carbon reduction and implementing a number of programs that will drive us toward our goal.

We are proud of the progress we have made since 2008 in measuring our carbon emissions, and the steps we are taking to improve our energy efficiency and reduce our carbon emissions and waste. However, we recognize that we are still at the beginning of our Climate Action journey and there is much more that we can do to achieve our carbon intensity targets.

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