G4S Newsletter

G4S Newsletter

At G4S, we appreciate and value every employee who comes to work to protect and secure our customers. G4S News is our regularly-produced employee newsletter that celebrates their achievements and tells their stories.

September 2017

In this Issue:

G4S Responds to Hurricanes on Three Fronts:
As Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria made landfall in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, G4S personnel from around the country rushed to help

Hurricane All Stars:
Margarita Rivera and her staff worked during Hurricane Irma to provide security to over 1,000 people at a Florida hospital

Wildfire Relief:
When wildfires raged across California, G4S Security Officers rose to the occasion to support clients in need

Knowledge is Power:
Armed with a master’s degree and two years from a doctorate, Darren McDonough knows the value of education

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September 2017

Security Officer of the Year: G4S names Sgt. Douglas Dang of Hawaii the 2016 G4S Security Officer of the Year
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Years of Service 2016

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