Software and Technology

Software & Technology

G4S brings advanced software and technology solutions to optimizing your security program. From electronic security systems, to risk management software, to cash optimization and automation solutions, to performance and compliance tools, G4S remains the industry leader in security innovations.
CASH360® systems installed
national deployments of RISK360®
Symmetry™ access control systems installed


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Our Solutions

RISK360 (Tech)

RISK360® Incident and Case Management Software

RISK360® is a web-based application customized to solve problems and mitigate risk in real time. 
CASH360 (Tech)

CASH360® Cash Automation Solutions

G4S cash automation solutions, designed for the needs of retailers, are engineered and scaled for the needs of your business.

Video Monitoring & Analytics

G4S's Video Monitoring and Operations Center provides round-the-clock monitoring services, including intrusion and fire systems, and duress buttons.
AMAG (Tech)

AMAG Security Products

AMAG Technology, a G4S company, manufactures and deploys the Symmetry™ product line, a leading global brand of access control and video management.
Guard Software

Secure Trax® Guard Management Software

All G4S security officers are equipped with G4S Secure Trax®, an exclusive performance, compliance and notification tool. 


RISK360 Video

Risk Management Software

RISK360® is a revolutionary, web-based risk management software application to manage incidents and risk. 
ASIS 2016 - CASH360

Cash Automation

John Van Slingerland, Director of Business Development, G4S Retail Solutions, discusses how G4S optimizes and manages cash flow in your business.
ASIS 2016 - Monitoring Center

Video Monitoring

Mike Hanlon, Sales Manager, G4S Monitoring Services, discusses G4S's ability to provide comprehensive monitoring services 24/7.
Interactive Video Monitoring Video

Interactive Video Monitoring

Real-time protection of critical assets and people with advanced tools.
Video System Diagnostic & Retrieval Services

Video System Diagnostic & Retrieval Services

Video information can be stored, then searched and retrieved at a later time.
Virtual Concierge & Visitor Management Video

Virtual Concierge & Visitor Management

Operators use cameras and audio to remotely facilitate and monitor deliveries.
Virtual Tour & Patrol Video

Virtual Tour/Patrol

Operators remotely patrol your facility by viewing cameras in sequence.
Virtual Chaperone Video

Virtual Chaperone

Remotely monitored cameras and audio help to ensure the safety of your employees and visitors.
Video Verification

Video Verification Services

Cameras/motion detectors record and transmit to our monitoring center when triggered.
ASIS 2016 - Symmetry GUEST

Visitor Management

Jeff LeBlanc, Vice-President, Client Services with AMAG Technology, discusses Symmetry GUEST, a simple, intuitive approach to visitor management.
ASIS 2016 - RISK360

Risk Management Software

Allison Maffei, Vice President, Managed Services, presents RISK360®, G4S's a highly customizable risk and case management software system.
ASIS 2016 - AMAG

AMAG Security Products (Part 1)

Kurt Takahashi, Senior Vice-President of Sales, AMAG Technology, speaks from the floor of ASIS 2016. 
ASIS 2016 - AMAG2


Kurt Takahashi, Senior Vice-President of Sales, AMAG Technology, speaks about AMAG's latest products and services.
International Gem Tower

International Gem Tower

G4S combines technology, security officers, and protection of valuables in transit to create a comprehensive security envelope.
Constitution Center

Constitution Center

G4S delivers security officers, software, technology and integration services.
American International College

American International College

G4S personnel and the latest software and technology enhances the safety and security of this liberal arts campus.
G4S Experience Video

Products & Services

G4S secures your people, property and assets by understanding and mitigating security risk.


Software & Technology

Software & Technology

G4S equips customers with software and technology to provide unique solutions to meet their ever-changing needs.
Brochure - AMAG

AMAG Technology

The Symmetry™ Security Management System provides leading technology solutions for electronic security systems.
Monitoring Center

Video Monitoring

G4S owns and operates a UL Listed and CSAA 5 Diamond Certified Monitoring Center that protects critical assets.
Brochure - CASH360

Cash Automation

CASH360® combines currency recycling technology with global cash cycle software to improve cash handling and reduce costs.
Brochure - RISK360

Incident & Case Management Software

RISK360® mitigates risk, reduces the potential for loss and positively impacts your bottom line.


Interactive Video Monitoring

Interactive Video Monitoring

G4S trained operators use advanced tools to extend the capability and value of your video surveillance system. 
Maintenance and Managed Services

Maintenance & Managed Services

G4S delivers proactive service management solutions that automate the detection and resolution of potential system performance issues.
Diagnostic & Retrieval

Video System Diagnostic & Retrieval Services

G4S technicians can remotely check your video system on a regular basis to ensure that it is operating properly.
Virtual Concierge & Visitor Management

Virtual Concierge

Using cameras and audio, G4S operators can remotely verify the identity of and admit access to authorized people.
Video Verification Services

Video Verification Services

Operators use automatically-triggered video clips to verify the nature of alarm events and take appropriate action.
Virtual Chaperone

Virtual Chaperone

Using remotely monitored cameras and audio, G4S staff help to ensure the safety of your employees and visitors.
Virtual Tour & Patrol

Virtual Tour/Patrol

Operators remotely patrol your facility, just like a physical guard would do.

in the news

Robots Are Replacing Workers Where You Shop

Robots Are Replacing Workers Where You Shop

Wal-Mart started using a machine that counts eight bills per second and 3,000 coins a minute. It digitally deposits money at the bank, and uses software to predict how much cash is needed on a given day.
G4S Virtual Patient Watch means better healthcare monitoring

G4S Virtual Patient Watch Means Better Healthcare Monitoring

Healthcare organizations are trying to find ways to not only trim costs but provide better service as well. One such offering comes from G4S.
Cashless Society is Still Quite a Ways Off

Cashless Society Is Still Quite A Ways Off

According to the Bank Administration Institute (BAI), cash-handling costs can be reduced by 20% to 40% with cash handling technology.
Government Building

Symmetry Homeland Access Control Wins The Govies Government Security Awards

Security Today magazine’s The Govies Government Security Awards competition honors outstanding government security products in several categories.
Delivering Technology

Delivering Technology

How can security managers and C- level executives attain a higher level understanding of how a data centric approach can be more effective in combatting silos of data, and the variety of risks across a company’s environment?
AMAG Hosts 16th Annual Security Engineering Symposium

AMAG Hosts Security Engineering Symposium

The theme for the event was “Where Collaboration Meets Success,” and was attended by more than 80 consultants/engineers, end users and integrators.

Meeting the TWIC Mandate

The Greater Lafourche Port Commission in Louisiana upgraded its existing AMAG Symmetry Security System. The Symmetry Homeland Security Edition (HSE) software meets federal standards, such as TWIC.

Access Control: Fulfilling FICAM

Six challenges integrators must overcome to sell and deploy a FICAM (Federal Identity, Credential, and Access Management standards) solution.
Cash Management

How the Right Retail Cash Management Solution Can Minimize the Costs of Cash

Every retail organization that processes cash transactions is (or should be) looking at and piloting automated solutions that aim to reduce risks, expenses and resource costs.
Yale Opens Doors

Yale Opens Doors

AMAG's access control solution appealed to Yale for several reasons. Installers would not have to rip out and replace existing hardware. Symmetry uses the university’s existing wiring infrastructure.