Incident & Case Management


RISK360, G4S’s comprehensive incident and case management application, mitigates your risk, saves you time and money and positively impacts the bottom line. With RISK360, you and your teams can report, track and resolve cases — in real time.
RISK360 can be fully customized to meet your specific business needs, and seamlessly integrates with existing systems. G4S offers you easy onboarding, scalable training, and startup support. 

The Right Answers Demand the Right Questions

  • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Assess, reduce & prevent risk
  • Promote standard operating procedures
  • Advance in real time


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Success Stories

A global financial organization used RISK360 to reduce event capture time by 50%.

RISK360’s detailed event reports helped a national retailer prove in court that its security practices were fair, legal and non-discriminatory. 

A hospital used RISK360 reports to discover that a security officer left post 500 times in 30 days to unlock office doors. The hospital reduced security-related events without increasing staffing or spend.

Using RISK360, a security officer identified, reported and monitored a fuel leak and extinguished two fires while waiting for repairs.
A national automotive corporation used RISK360 to save $150,000 by adding fire extinguisher monitoring to security officer tours. 
Using RISK360, a healthcare provider identified the cause of recurring thefts in the emergency room. By adjusting procedures, the facility eliminated future thefts.

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