Contractor Licenses

G4S Secure Integration LLC Licenses

State License No. License Type
Alabama 38810 Specialty Contractor (MU-S Telecom Projects; E-S Low Voltage)
Alaska 105709 Specialty Contractor (Low Voltage Alarm & Security Systems)
Arizona ROC194557 General Contractor (Commercial General Engineering)A- Class
California 975846 General Contractor (A - General Engineering, B - General Building, C7 - Low Voltage Systems,C10 - Electrical)
ACO 7150 Alarm Company Operator
1000002745 Public Works Contractor Registration
Connecticut TVR.0705734-V9 TV & Radio Service Dealer, Non-Technician Owner
Delaware 04-65 Security Systems and Protective Services
2003109884 Non-Resident Contractor Business License
2006208645 Professional Services-Security Business License
District of Columbia 410516000389 General Contractor / Construction Manager
Florida CGC1522144 Certified General Contractor
EF20000673 Certified Alarm System Contractor I
Georgia LVU405720 Low Voltage Contractor
Illinois 127001430 Alarm Contractor Agency
184.005882 Professional Design Firm
Indiana N/A Public Works Contractor
Iowa C086128 General Contractor
AC-286 Security Alarm System Contractor
Louisiana 41653 Commercial Contractor (Electrical, plus a specialty in Telecommunications)
Maryland 30064268 Out of State Contractor - Construction Business
107- 2153 Security Systems Agency
Michigan 3601206906 Security Alarm System Contractor
Mississippi 17880-SC Contractor (Communication Systems; Alarm Systems/Access Systems/Security)
Montana 159036 Contractor
Nebraska 24616 General Contractor
CA1822E Certificate of Authorization (Engineering)
Nevada 59016 Class A General Engineering Contractor
59870 Class C-2d Low Voltage Systems Contractor
New Jersey 626668 Public Works Contractor Registration
34BX00012900 Burglar Alarm Contractor
34TC00096600 Telecom Wiring Exempt License
New York 12000317733 Security Alarm Systems / Alarm Installer
North Carolina 31448-SP-FA/LV Fire Alarm/Low Voltage Electrical Contractor
2525-CSA Alarm Systems Business
North Dakota 40486 Contractor (Class A)
Oregon 159944 Commercial General Contractor Level 1 (Telecommunications Network Installer; Security Alarms)
Rhode Island Application Pending Burglar Alarm Business
35195 Contractor Registration
South Carolina 5480 Burglar Alarm Systems Business
Tennessee Application Pending Electrical Contractor
1839 Alarm Systems Contractor (Burglar Alarm & CCTV)
Texas B11901 Alarm Systems Company
F-6925 Registered Professional Engineering Firm
Virgin Islands 1-19956-1L Business License (Cable splicing; Comm equip inst. contractor; Electronic security consultant; Installation of fire and burglar alarm systems)
Virginia 2705077224A Contractor (Electronic Communications), Class A
11-4062 Private Security Services Business (Electronic Security Services)
Washington G4SSESI857PB Construction Contractor
G4SSESI846CH Electrical Contractor (Limited Energy Systems)
West Virginia WV036907 General Building Contractor
Wisconsin 1105096 Electrical Contractor