Bradley Blackmon & Maged Rizk

Bradley Blackmon and Maged Rizk, Security Officers with G4S Secure Solutions (USA), have been recognized for living the values of SAFETY, SECURITY, and SERVICE EXCELLENCE. 

Bradley Blackmon & Maged Rizk

Officers Blackmon and Rizk were recognized for their efforts at a large volume vehicle auction center in Nashville, Tennessee. Officer Blackmon continues to serve this client; Officer Rizk recently transferred to a different assignment.

At this client, their responsibilities included scanning out vehicles, ensuring that only authorized vehicles left the lot. In the year they served together at this site, no unauthorized releases occurred under their watch.

Brad is a real professional.  He has a process and doesn’t veer from it. Officer Rizk is well-known by vehicle drivers. Some drivers will only drive through Rizk’s vehicle release lane.
Brian Roll Area Supervisor, G4S Secure Solutions (USA)

Blackmon and Rizk were responsible for nearly half of all vehicle releases. In the first quarter of 2017, the client released 30,558 vehicles. Over that period, Blackmon and Rizk released more than 12,000 vehicles from the lot — more than 136 vehicles a day. The duo’s flawless performance reduced costs for G4S Secure Solutions (USA), which is contractually responsible for the cost of vehicle retrieval if the wrong vehicle is driven off of the lot.

The officers’ professionalism and attention to duty contribute to their performance excellence. Officer Blackmon takes a methodical approach to his responsibility on site, working diligently to process vehicle releases and secure the lot.


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