Chris Neeley

Chris Neeley, a Site Supervisor with G4S Secure Solutions (USA), has been recognized for living the values of INNOVATION and TEAMWORK. 

Chris Neeley

As site supervisor, Neeley oversees a major account in Nashville, Tennessee, ensuring that the onsite inventory of vehicles worth $20 million is secure. On the job site, he assists and protects customer employees, contractors and guests. Neeley and the G4S team verify that vehicles are properly scanned out of the lot once they are sold.

After recognizing that drivers were forgetting to check in keys at the end of their shifts, Neeley instituted a key-drop system that consists of strategically placed drop boxes next to all time clocks. Prominent and polite signs posted next to the drop boxes serve as reminders for drivers to double-check their pockets as they clock out for the day. Neeley’s initiative has saved the client thousands of dollars in key retrieval and replacement costs and eliminated extensive delays in the sale and delivery of vehicles.

After four years on the job site, Neeley has established excellent relationships not only with this G4S team, but with the entire staff on-site.

Everyone knows him by name. He has a relationship with everyone in all departments. Chris took the initiative to create an innovative solution, and his sense of teamwork has positively impacted both the client and G4S.


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