Shout Outs​ highlight G4S USA employees who have made a meaningful impact on clients and colleagues by displaying our values, consistently leading by example and inspiring others with their professionalism. 

G4S Security Officer Protects Nurse from Patient

When a hospital patient got out of control, G4S USO Elijah Warren stepped up.


G4S Security Officer Helps in Car Crash

After a car crash in Bloomington, Ill. left a woman and her young daughter in pain, G4S TSO Jose Fuentes was the first to arrive.


G4S Security Officer Saves Life

When G4S Security Officer Nathan Chun responded to a domestic disturbance call, he stood between chaos and disaster.


G4S Security Officer Spots Wanted Man, Notifies Police

In Milwaukee, G4S Site Supervisor Sue Ericksen noticed a suspicious man evading the ID check at an auto auction.


G4S Security Officer Stops An Attempted House Robber From Entering Bank

When G4S Security Officer Ralph Keef heard gunshots while patrolling outside an Alabama bank, he rushed back to the bank entrance, just in time.


G4S Officer Stops Sexual Assault

As Brett Guest was getting ready for the day, he heard a scream from outside. Immediately, he rushed to help.


G4S CPO Protects Hotel from Trespassers

On two separate occasions, a man attempted to trespass into a Minnesota hotel. Both times, G4S CPO Ricky Anderson was there.


CPO Saves Hotel Guests from Fire

When G4S CPO Bruce Chubb saw smoke coming from a hotel room, he jumped into action to help save the guests inside.


Inmate's Courthouse Escape Attempt Stopped by G4S Custom Protection Officers

When an inmate tried to escape from a Colorado Courthouse, G4S CPOs Taylor and Acerbi stood in the way.


DISASTER UPDATE: Special Shout Out to the Puerto Rico team

G4S' team in Puerto Rico, led by Country Manager Luis Pagan, immediately responded to those in need following Hurricane Maria.


Three Officers Locate Wanted Men

G4S security officers Sgt Laurence Cooper, CPO Edward Johnson and CPO Wallace Bishop, located two men wanted by Detroit Police.


G4S Duo Prevents Vehicular Theft

While patrolling, CPO Billy Hughey saw a man suspiciously looking into vehicles parked along the sidewalk.


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