Summer of Service

G4S’ Summer of Service is a monthlong employee recognition series that honors our Values Award Winners from across the country. Each employee has been nominated for exemplifying our values and serving as an example to their peers.

Summer of Service

Day 1 - Devan Ponzie | Day 2 - Daniel Stillwell | Day 3 - Yanique Green | Day 4 - Adam Bundy | Day 5 - Howard Lillard | Day 6 - Michael Merante | Day 7 - Claude Ortega | Day 8 - Eric Calhoun | Day 9 - Darrin Lillie | Day 10 - Kenneth Valentine | Day 11 - Ernesto Figueroa | Day 12 - Garrett Love | Day 13 - Duane Hawthorne | Day 14 - William Hooker | Day 15 - Jared Corrozza | Day 16 - Tara Shepherd | Day 17 - Corey Bise | Day 18 - Barry Barber | Day 19 - Michelle Johnson

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Day 1 - Devan Ponzie
Innovation & Teamwork
Devan Ponzie

During the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Championship parade, a shooting incident, unrelated to the parade, took place in front of a bank. G4S USO Devan Ponzie immediately reacted to the dangerous situation. Seeing individuals outside the bank injured and fleeing, he took several individuals into the bank, secured the doors, and prevented any other people from being injured. One of the bank’s executives commended USO Ponzie on his quick thinking and actions that helped keep individuals safe from harm.

Day 2 - Daniel Stillwell
Integrity & Respect
Daniel Stillwell

Security Officer Daniel Stillwell was dispatched to investigate a man sitting on the edge of a parking garage at a local hospital. When he arrived, the man told him that his young niece had just passed away. Sgt. Stillwell convinced the man to come off the edge and sat with him until emergency assistance arrived. The man was taken to a nearby medical center without further incident.

Day 3 - Yanique Green
Safety, Security & Service Excellence
Yanique Green

CPO Yanique Green responded to a disturbance call and observed a man lying unresponsive and not breathing, apparently from a drug overdose. CPO Green called 911 and began to perform CPR. The man began breathing so CPO Green went to her patrol car and retrieved the defibrillator. She returned to the man, resuming CPR until emergency services arrived.

Day 4 - Adam Bundy
Innovation & Teamwork
Adam Bundy

Nuclear Security Officer Adam Bundy mentored and coached new team members during a site location's Triennial NRC Force-on-Force training, leading to successful training activity. Bundy also volunteered to lead the Peer Run Observation (PRO) program on-site to help drive performance throughout the department and improve the organization's safety.

Day 5 - Howard Lillard
Innovation & Teamwork
Howard Lillard

Security Officer Howard Lillard was stationed in a client's lobby when an employee's boyfriend began acting in an aggressive and hostile manner towards his girlfriend. Lillard calmly helped de-escalate the situation and escorted the man out of the building.

Day 6 - Michael Merante
Integrity & Respect
Michael Merante

CPO Michael Merante was contacted by a nurse, who indicated that a patient being transported had misplaced her cellphone. The patient was upset, telling the nurse that her phone had very important information, but a search of the room had turned up nothing. Despite it being the end of his shift, CPO Merante searched through laundry bins for two hours before finding the phone in the bedding of the recently cleaned room.

Day 7 - Claude Ortega
Innovation & Teamwork
Claude Ortega

Security Officer Claude Ortega searched through hours of CCTV footage after an anonymous student left a written suicidal comment on a Chicago university campus. With Ortega’s help, police identified the student and directed them to appropriate medical care.

Day 8 - Eric Calhoun
Safety, Security & Service Excellence
Eric Calhoun

G4S Security Officer Eric Calhoun was searching a patient in the Behavioral Health locker room. The patient pulled a knife from his pocket and opened the blade by his side. Calhoun quickly recognized the threat, knocking the knife from his hand and subduing the patient before kicking the knife away. His quick actions helped keep himself, the two ER nurses and the patient safe.

Day 9 - Darrin Lillie
Innovation & Teamwork
Darrin Lillie

When G4S opened a site in Pittsfield, MA, Security Officer Darrin Lillie volunteered to assist while new officers were vetted. He did so on top of his full-time position on the third shift at another Pittsfield location. Lillie picked up more responsibilities at the new location, including planning a visit from Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Over the course of eight weeks, Lillie's support at both locations ensured the transition went smoothly and everything was covered at his original post.

Day 10 - Kenneth Valentine
Integrity & Respect
Kenneth Valentine

While BPO Kenneth Valentine was standing post outside of a banking center, a vehicle pulled up and stopped in front of the bank. A passenger got out and called to Valentine. As he approached, the person pulled a knife and lunged towards him, stabbing his abdomen. Valentine pushed the knife away as the attacker tried again, before drawing his service weapon. His quick actions prevented anyone from being seriously hurt and helped protect the bank.

Day 11 - Ernesto Figueroa
Innovation & Teamwork
Ernesto Figueroa

In 2016, Transportation Officer Ernesto Figueroa drove more than 43,000 accident-free miles, supported 738 successful missions, and conducted 3,538 transports.

Day 12 - Garrett Love
Safety, Security & Service Excellence
Garrett Love

As Security Officer Garrett Love stood post, a masked man riding a bike pulled a knife while riding right for the building’s entrance. Love drew his weapon and told the man to get back, while holding his position in front of the entrance. Love’s actions helped prevent him from entering the building.

Day 13 - Duane Hawthorne
Innovation & Teamwork
Duane Hawthorne

During an unexpected ice storm in St. Louis, CPO Duane Hawthrone assisted hotel guests in getting between their rooms and the parking lot. Since the storm was unexpected, the hotel staff had not prepared to reduce the ice build up. With CPO Hawthorne’s help, the staff were able to focus on treating ice while guests were taken care of.

Day 14 - William Hooker
Integrity & Respect
William Hooker

Nuclear Security Officer William Hooker serves as the the only Security Officer of the site’s Plant Safety Department. While on site, Hooker has identified a prohibited item during a parcel search, identified incorrectly labeled plant equipment, noticed that an unsearched parcel had been placed with the searched parcels, performed a plant-wide ladder inspection, achieved perfect attendance in 2016 and was named Team Alpha’s Security Officer of the Year.

Day 15 - Jared Carrozza
Innovation & Teamwork
Jared Carrozza

For seven years, G4S Security Officer Jared Corrozza hasn’t missed a day of work. Through his perfect attendance, Corrozza has worked the midnight shift for two years and is currently on the 4 p.m. to midnight round. Additionally, he has helped train all new CPOs on the contract.

Day 16 - Tara Shepherd
Innovation & Teamwork
Tara Shepherd

Security Officer Tara Shepherd is a nine-year G4S employee. When contractors removed a door and accidentally cut a camera feed, Shepherd reported the cut feed and helped our client avoid a false alarm.

Day 17 - Corey Bise
Security & Service Excellence
Corey Bise

Security Officer Corey Bise noticed three males enter an employee’s car after she arrived at work before 5 a.m., and begin searching for items. Bise approached the scene and prevented them from stealing anything from the woman’s car.

Day 18 - Barry Barber
Integrity & Respect
Barry Barber

During his third shift watch, Security Officer Barry Barber noticed an unusually high drop in content of the client’s Liquid Oxygen (LO2) tank. When he notified the client, they went to work to reverse the drop. Barber’s awareness helped the client avoid a potential shutdown of the manufacturing area and the loss of thousands of dollars of product.

Day 19 - Michelle Johnson
Innovation & Teamwork
Michelle Johnson

Security Officer Michelle Johnson lost her house to a flood in August of 2016. Then in December, the house she and her family was renting burned to the ground. Despite these setbacks, she never missed a day of work and drove 45 miles each way to get to and from work.

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