Keeping Your Vehicle Neat and Clean

  • 22 May 2017 21:06

As with a clean work area, a clean car can prevent serious safety incidents.

Road Map to Safety

It is a proven fact that a clean work area helps prevent safety incidents. Many times in reading over safety incident reports it is apparent that had the work area been cleaned up, there would have been no incident. This is also true in vehicle safety incidents. Loose debris, rolling soda cans or bottles may get stuck in vehicle controls or cause the driver to be distracted and lose control of their vehicle.

Here are some good clean vehicle safety tips for everyone to follow:

  • Don’t eat in your car: It may be convenient and time saving, but eating in your car spells trouble for cleanliness. Spills, stains, and crumbs are inevitable.
  • A clean car is a safe car. Why? Loose items can become projectiles if you have to stop short or you have a safety incident. Remove all trash and materials each time you leave the vehicle.
  • Create a regular cleaning schedule and routine: Practice makes perfect. If you make cleaning your car a regular habit, it won’t be a big chore when it’s time to take care of it. Mark your calendar and make it a date that you keep every time to stay ahead of the dirt.
  • Bugs? Remove any food from the vehicle to prevent an infestation of bugs. Leaving food, drinks, wrappers or other litter will increase your chances of getting a bug infestation.
  • Don’t forget to clean headlights and windshield wiper blades: Your headlights may be overlooked as you’re washing your vehicle, but remember that they’re important, too. Clean headlights are bright headlights, necessary to maintaining visibility at night. Windshield wiper blades are also easily overlooked, but you can keep them and your windshield clean with a quick wipe down.
  • Clean Windows: Having clean windows improves your ability to see traffic and potential hazards; you might not notice a small amount of dirt or dust covering your car's windows, but over time, this layer of dirt can grow and your visibility can become greatly reduced. In extreme cases, this filth can turn into a distraction, making it difficult to see other cars or pedestrians.

Keeping Your Vehicle Clean Will Help You Stay Safe

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