• 17 Jul 2017 14:54

Drinking plenty of water is important in preventing heat stress, heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Road Map to Safety

You are probably pretty careful about keeping enough coolant in your automobile, especially in the warm summer months. Please pay close attention to keeping enough water in your body, particularly when the weather is hot. Water is necessary for human survival. You might be able to survive for weeks without food, but your body needs water every day. You must drink water every day to replace what you lose through several natural processes.

Sweating, this is the body’s way of cooling itself, accounts for water loss. Beverages and watery foods supply some of this needed water, but certain drinks actually cause you to eliminate more water than they put in. Coffee, tea, colas and alcohol are diuretics, which mean they increase your output of water ---- taking valuable nutrients along with it. High protein foods require more water for digestion than other foods. When you don’t get enough water, your health and safety suffers.

Dehydration can cause confusion and dizziness leading to accidents.

Lack of water can have long-term health effects, these effects range from headache and a sluggish feeling to coma or death. Heat illnesses occur when combinations of high temperatures, humid atmosphere and physical exertion cause a lack of water and minerals in the body.

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