How to Take the Stairs Safely

  • 07 Aug 2017 16:44

One of the most common causes of incidents and injuries throughout the company and home is slips, trips and falls on stairways. Here are a few safety tips when going up or down stairs.

Road Map to Safety

  • The concept of the handrail is basic, if you slip, trip or begin to fall while descending a staircase, grabbing the handrail can break your fall and save you from serious injury. Always use the handrails
  • Report stairways that are slippery or have objects left on them. Report any broken or loose stair threads or handrails
  • Never carry loads that are heavy, bulky or block your vision on stairs
  • Walk; never run when using the stairs. Stairs should be ascended or descended one tread at a time and only while using the handrail.
  • Using your cell phone while going up or down the stairs is distracting and dangerous, keep your eyes on path, put your cell phone down
  • Be sure to make use of the full tread when walking stairs.

Remember it only takes a split second to get injured, stay focused and alert at all times.

Safety Starts with Me


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