Corporate Risk

Corporate Risk

G4S Corporate Risk Services delivers specialized solutions that mitigate enterprise security threats. Led and staffed with professionals, most of whom have government, military or law enforcement backgrounds, and augmented by a global G4S network and strategic-partner assets, G4S Corporate Risk Services is the partner of choice for securing your organization from external and internal threats.

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Risk Consulting

Risk Consulting

Specializes in assessing risk and implementing policies and procedures that safeguard assets, employees, customers and information.
Corporate Investigations

Corporate Investigations

Creates and implements client investigation strategies to protect organizational assets.
Intelligence Programs

Intelligence Programs

Identifies, analyzes and reports organizational threats and provides situational awareness services from our Global Risk Intelligence Center (GRIC).
Executive Protection

Executive Protection

Provides personal protective services, from close protection, monitoring and meet and greet, to transportation and special event services.

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Risk Consulting

The G4S Corporate Risk Services Risk Consulting team specializes in optimizing business continuity strategies and programs that protect assets, employees, customers and strategic business information. These services include:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Security Audits
  • Penetration Testing
  • Program Development & Training
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Crisis Management
  • Workplace Violence/Active Shooter Mitigation
  • Supply Chain, Food Defense & CFATS

For more information on Risk Consulting:

Active Shooter

Preparing for Active Shooter Situations

What can businesses and employees do in case of an active shooter? Carrie Balmer of G4S Corporate Risk Services explains.
Workplace Violence

Workplace shooting Response

Following a workplace violence incident, a company turned to G4S, its security partner of several years.
Security Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment reveals hospital security deficiencies

G4S was requested to identify potential security vulnerabilities and reduce overall risk at a children’s hospital.
Agilent Technologies, Inc.

For a Better World

Global footprint and comprehensive security program supports Agilent's goal to improve the world
Case Study - Supply Chain

G4s Exposes Supply chain vulnerabilities

A company contacted G4S Supply Chain Security experts for assistance with the CTPAT process and standards.
Executive Threat

g4s taps international assets to protect ceo and employees

Concerned about the potential for violence from a disgruntled customer, a company reached out to G4S to respond to the threat.
Active Shooter/Workplace Violence

Active Shooter & Workplace Violence Brochure

G4S' proactive risk mitigation strategies can position you to better protect employees, customers, students and others.
Brochure - C&I

Risk Consulting Brochure

G4S risk consulting services enable your organization to secure assets, deliver essential services and optimize profits.

Corporate Investigations

The G4S Corporate Risk Services Corporate Investigations team creates and implements investigative strategies that protect your bottom-line and brand integrity. These strategies include:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Fraud/Theft/Loss
  • Financial Investigations
  • Computer Forensics
  • Physical Surveillance
  • Due diligence checks
  • Pre-employment screenings
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)
Corporate Investigations

Intelligence Programs

The G4S Corporate Risk Services Intelligence Programs team identifies, analyzes and reports organizational threats and provides situational awareness services from our Risk Operations Center (ROC). These services include:

  • Intelligence Analysis
  • Customized Intelligence Reporting
  • Intelligence Alerting
  • Embedded Analysts
  • Travel risk advisories
  • Dashboard monitoring of threats
  • Situational awareness alerts and notifications
Intelligence Programs

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON Intelligence Programs:

Intelligence Risk Services

Intelligence Risk Services

The G4S Global Risk Intelligence Center performs analysis that focuses on identifying threats and recommending effective countermeasures.
Supply Chain: The Eroding Illusion of a Secure Platform — Mexico

Supply Chain: The Eroding Illusion of a Secure Platform — Mexico

The threat to rail systems in Mexico is daunting. The real threat is vandalism, theft and the introduction of narcotics into the supply chain.
Drones: Threat from Above

Drones: Threat from Above

Recent operations in Iraq and Syria clearly highlight the viability of unmanned aerial systems as a legitimate terrorist tactic.
Supply Chain: Defeating the Security Watchdog

Supply Chain: Defeating the Security Watchdog

The threat of GPS jamming technology and recommendations to protect your business.
Vehicular Terrorism The Threat Behind the Wheel

Vehicular Terrorism: The Threat Behind the Wheel

Recent vehicular attacks clearly highlighted the viability of vehicle ramming as a legitimate terrorist tactic.

Executive Protection

The G4S Corporate Risk Services Executive Protection team provides close personal protective and travel risk services that optimize individual safety. These services include:

  • Travel Risk Management
  • Workplace Violence Mitigation
  • Special Event Management
  • Protective Programs Development & Training
  • Airport Transfers/ Meet & Greet
  • Personal Protection Agents
  • Travel Tracking/Support Tools/Technology
Executive Protection